Hello, I'm Kim!

This all started as a way to practice my speaking while giving my thoughts on the Chris Watts case. Since then, the channel has continued to grow. The wonderful people I have met in the short time I have been on YouTube is overwhelming. The positive feedback I receive from the active subscribers are kind, funny, helpful and encouraging.

These people are more than subscribers, they have become friends, it’s an online community I can go to for support, assistance, laughter and friendship.

Making this channel has been a life changer. I strongly suggest that anyone that has an interest in starting a channel, should just do it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, the time is now!


This channel is partly like a reality show, but I also share my life experiences I have learned with job searching, contracting, health, family and finances. 

My interests are in dermatology (through experience with severe acne and melanoma skin cancer) and mental health (how to keep positive during the tough times in your life). 

My pets include cockatoos, golden retrievers and even horses and the interesting stories that capture my attention in crime, politics and history.

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Please support my channel by making a donation. A portion of donations will be used to help animals in need.

These include but are not limited to: 

dogs, horses and birds in need.


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