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DRIVE | Dancing & Music from the

SUNDAY DRIVE | Driving, Dancing, Lip Sync, Buying NON Expired Milk & Music from the 80s 90s & More! Meanwhile… this afternoon… Driving around to Kenny Loggins “I’m Alright”...

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THANK YOU for 2k Subscribers! Plus

Thank You for 2k! Hangry, Joe Biden Teeth, Canned Responses & Job Technical Tests Am I happy? Or sad? Or stressed or mad? All of the above! Thanks for...

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UPDATE | Dulos, Troconis, Stinkbugs

This video gives an update on the Fotis Dulos case and the latest events with Michelle Troconis. Thank you everyone for the kind and thoughtful notes regarding my mother-in-law’s...

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How to Make Money as a Moderator in 2020

What are moderators? What are Moderators? Also called “Mods”, they have a pretty big role they play. These are the people who are behind-the-scenes of online communities. They give...

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